Makoto Masago

Collection: Makoto Masago

Collection: Makoto Masago

電気釜に木炭を加えた桟切、新たな青備前を追求する備前焼作家。 従来の備前焼を覆すシャープで美しい作品は普段使い出来る軽快さといつまでも触れていたい 心地よさを持ち合わせる。陶器を知らない人でも手に取りやすい作品だ。


Born in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture.
Year 2005
During the second year of enrollment at Kyoto Traditional Crafts College (TASK), learn the basics of molding, glaze, sketching, overpainting, etc. from active potter teachers.
Studied under Bizen ware traditional craftsman Masaaki Inomata Learn a bold and powerful style that makes use of the earthy taste of Bizen ware for Kyoto, which is delicately made. I am attracted to the various expressions created by the way Bizen soil fires and packs the kiln. After 5 years of training
year 2012
Bizen ware with various expressions such as independent pier, sesame seeds, kiln change, and scarlet kiln as a red kiln.
Above all, he was strongly attracted to the blue color of"Aobizen"and started making ceramics centered on making delicate porcelain that fits well with a sharp expression.

"Aobizen"is fired in an oxygen-deficient state by putting it in a sheath (a tool that puts a vessel inside and seals it) in a climbing kiln that uses firewood. For this reason, I chose an electric kiln that does not emit smoke. The kiln is likened to one sheath, and Bincho charcoal is mainly packed together with the vessel to intentionally create an oxygen-deficient state, and the kiln is specialized for"blue". By using a smokeless electric kiln and Bincho charcoal, a vessel with a beautiful contrast of colorful crosspieces on a blue background is created.

Activity history

"Sakeware Exhibition"at Nara Gallery Tachibana
"Blue vessel exhibition"at Ojiyama ware kiln in Tamba, Hyogo
"Bizen ware young three-person exhibition"at Okayama Tenmaya main store
"Sky Woman Exhibition-Challenge of Young Artists-"at Kyoto Ceramic Center
"Bizen ware young two-person exhibition"at"Maka", a Japanese creative teppanyaki in Nakameguro, Tokyo

Bizen Potter's Friendship Association member
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