Sho Fujita

Collection: Sho Fujita

Collection: Sho Fujita


Ceramic history

Born in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture
Learned art in general for 4 years from Western-style painter Koji Ono
Learned drawing and design from Western-style painter Hisamitsu Yamauchi for 3 years
Learn the basics of ceramic art from potters Yasuaki Kawasaki and Minoru Nakamura
Joined Bizen Ceramics Center
After graduating from the same place, he studied under Bizen ware artist Kazuya Hashimoto for 5 years.
First solo exhibition at Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter Tokeido Main Store
Solo exhibition at Kurashiki Tenmaya ('20)
Crossing America for 2 months (San Francisco-New York)
Deepen exchanges with potters from all over the world and fire climbing kilns and pit fired potters in Iowa.
"Bizen in Iowa"Exhibition at The Ceramics Center
4 person exhibition at Sara Japanese Pottery (New York) 4 person exhibition at Urasenke New York branch office
"Tea bowl"exhibition at Ippodo Gallery (New York)
Exhibited at ESPACE DENSAN at Maison Wa (Paris) Solo lecture, then permanent exhibition at Gallery Kakudo Makko (Taipei) Bizen Potter's Association Youth Club Exhibition After that, permanent exhibition (after 19 years 3 people exhibition)
Solo exhibition at Mugen-an Ginza store (held every year thereafter)
Three-person exhibition at Fresh Station (Taipei) ('19)
Inside the Park Hyatt (Paris) Vendome
Pur'--Jean --Francois Rouquette (Michelin ★)
Made-to-order tableware to Les tantes jeanne (Paris) ('19 '20)
Permanent exhibition at Le Rocketship (Paris) BIZEN gallery Kai opened in Inbe, Bizen City

Award calendar

Selected for Okayama Art Exhibition

Selected for the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition China Branch Exhibition

Tanabe Museum of Art"Tea Ceremony Modeling Exhibition"Selected 2 times

Exhibited at art fairs in Tokyo, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Taipei, and the Philippines.

Many solo and group exhibitions at department stores and galleries in Japan.

Membership of professional institutions

Bizen Potter's Association

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