Takashi Baba

Collection: Takashi Baba

Collection: Takashi Baba

東京芸術大学 彫刻科卒。得意とする塗り土による黒備前焼と近年、力を入れている唯一無二の窯変蒼備前焼の2大シリーズが見どころ。癖のない素直な造形と偶然生まれる焼き、景色のコンビネーション、コバルトブルー、ガンメタリックの世界観が魅了してくれる。

Ceramic history

Born as the eldest son of Bizen ware artist Shosuke Baba
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Sculpture
year 2012
Monument production in front of JR Bizen Katagami Station Solo exhibition at Ku Ambience in Roppongi Hills Solo exhibition at Yoneko Tenmaya Art Gallery (3 times thereafter)
Solo exhibition at Kurashiki Tenmaya Art Gallery (twice thereafter)
Solo exhibition at the 9th floor art stage of Hankyu Umeda Main Store (once thereafter)
Solo exhibition at Hatchobori Tenmaya Art Gallery Solo exhibition at Ohashi Family Residence, National Important Cultural Property
Solo exhibition at Okayama Tenmaya Art Gallery
Solo exhibition at Fukuyama Tenmaya Art Gallery Japan House Gallery"dte Power of Bizen", Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London, England
Devon, England Kig berare studios & Gallery
Workshops and exhibitions/dd>
Solo exhibition at Shinjuku Isetan (once thereafter)
Invited exhibitors and lectures will be held at"Takumi Shinden"in Beijing, China.
Solo exhibition at Matsuyama Iyotetsu Takashimaya Art Gallery
Hankyu Umeda Main Store Solo Exhibition at Art Gallery Miyazaki Yamagataya Solo Exhibition at Art Gallery Kagoshima Yamagataya Solo Exhibition at Art Gallery Tenmaya Hatchobori Store, Alpark, Fukuyama Store, Touring Exhibition of"Hagi and Bizen"Group Exhibition at Taiwan Gallery life seeding Kagoshima Yamagataya Art Solo exhibition at the gallery
Solo exhibition at Oita Tokiwa Art Gallery Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Two-person exhibition at Art Square Two-person exhibition at Shimozeki Daimaru Invited exhibition and lecture at"Soil Fire"in Beijing, China Exhibited at Takashimaya"Contemporary Writer Ceramics Exhibition"Vietnam Hoian Dispatched to Japan as part of an international exchange project Two-person exhibition at Yoneko Tenmanya Exhibited at Shimozeki Daimaru"Contemporary Writer Ceramics Exhibition"Solo exhibition at Kyoto Takashimaya Arts and Crafts Salon Himeji Sanyo Department Store"Human National Treasure Contemporary Popular Writer Exhibition"China Beijing Qing Lecture at Kagaku University
Solo exhibition at Nagasaki Hamaya Art Gallery Exhibited at Yamaguchi Izutsuya"Contemporary Artist Ceramics Exhibition"Solo exhibition at Okayama Tenmaya Art Gallery

Award calendar

Mr. I Award Final Selection Selection

Bizen Toshinkai Exhibition Okayama Governor's Award (2 times) Bizen Mayor's Award (2 times)

Okayama Board of Education Superintendent of Education Award Prefectural Assembly Chairman's Award

Selected for the Tea Ceremony Modeling Exhibition

Selected for the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition China Branch Exhibition (twice)

Selected for Okayama Art Exhibition (3 times) Okayama Mayor's Award

Membership of professional institutions

Bizen Potter's Association

Bizen Toshinkai

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